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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shouldn't Your Life Be Awash In Xyngeliciousness?

Some days I stare quizzically at my favorite catalogs (And you can too when you scroll this blog) -- I always ponder, "To buy or not to buy! " And Vogue's Best Dressed Special Edition just about makes me levitate. Then other days, I find myself a little ashamed for having purchased almost everything I want. Whether you know it or not, you deserve everything you want too.

Why shouldn't your life be Xyngelicious, too! So, welcome to our exclusive 'CLUB.' It's the perfect place for wonderful women just like you to take a minute and reflect on the FACT hat you deserve the best -- everyday! Treat yourself to our little slice of heaven on earth, is a compilation page chocked full of an abundance of our favorite finds. Fortunately our favorites were accessible when we wen t hunting for them all over the internet after seeing them on holiday at Sundance, while in Monaco or even at the little pharmacies in France.

Xyngelicious isn't just a delicate blend of business opportunity meets shopping -- nor is it just a whimsical place to get that magical Xyng vitamin (which slimmed me 24 lbs., in 30 days and left my KKs perfectly in tact). But it's also where you can find the perfect gift for people you care about -- charming stylish finds at surprisingly sensible prices.

If today is not the day you'll spoil yourself, just take a few moments to kick your feet up and get swept away as you savor some of our salacious finds -- its the perfect eye-popping daydreaming distraction. We do hope you'll crave something yummy, before you leave, perhaps you'll scroll to select the featured Archipelago Boticario De Havana Candle. Its literally like smearing pineapple juice, oranges, and creamy espresso and sugar cane on your walls to enjoy a sniffing marathon, all day long. There really are few candle comparisons on the planet. Archipelago just has a xyngelicious knack for blending up yum. And if you find yourself not wanting to leave your home or office because the smell is just so addictive, then buy the sensuous and luxurious body cream. - A Deliciously Uncommon Place To Shop